Tire Rotation Service & Maintenance in Miles City

Basic Tire Care at Our Miles City Service Center Can Keep Your Ford Running Smoothly

Tires do their job without much fanfare, so it's often easy to forget that they're there. You don't want to neglect their regular maintenance, however, because uneven wear patterns can develop, and these can cause an early blowout. Improper tire maintenance often requires replacement tires earlier than otherwise necessary, which is more expensive than coming in for regular maintenance. With some simple at-home monitoring and some help from our tire experts at Mac's Frontierland Inc for more complex maintenance, you'll be able to keep your tires performing reliably for a long time to come.

Basic Tire Maintenance

No closed system in your vehicle is perfectly airtight, and your tires are no exception. They will lose air over time even without a punctured tire. This can easily be rectified by topping up your tires with a bit of air from time to time. If your Forsyth, MT Ford is an older model that doesn't have a tire pressure monitor, you can manually check the pressure every couple of months or have one of our technicians check it as part of a vehicle inspection. You can also keep an eye on tread depth to ensure you've got enough tread to drive safely.

Tire Rotation

Whether you don't drive your Ford very much or you're behind the wheel for hours each day, you'll benefit from having your tires regularly rotated. If your Ford is a front-wheel drive, the front tires will wear out at a much quicker rate than the rear tires. That's because the front wheels take an active role while the rear wheels are simply along for the ride. If you make more left-hand turns around Worden than right-hand turns, MT, you'll find the front left tire wears down faster than the rest. If your Ford is a rear-wheel drive, the opposite is true, with your rear wheels wearing faster, and even all-wheel-drive vehicles can't escape uneven wear.

Seasonal Service

Changing your tire type in response to a change in seasons isn't just good for improving performance on the roads of Gillette, WY. Any Ford can benefit from using the right tire in adverse weather conditions. The most obvious example of this is in the winter, when slippery conditions can easily cause an accident for vehicles with inadequate tires. Winter tires vastly improve grip on straight stretches and when cornering. The aggressive tread pattern of winter tires can more easily dig into frozen precipitation rather than just riding over the top of it, even compared to all-weather tires. The rubber used in winter tires is also engineered to stay pliable in below freezing temperatures.

In the summer, your tires have to navigate scorching asphalt and rainy weather while still providing traction. Summer tires have a smoother tread and are stiffer, holding up in the heat and providing a wider area of contact with the Moorcroft, WY road's surface to improve traction. Late spring and autumn are ideal times to get your Ford ready for the coming season by having the appropriate tire installed.

Want to Talk Tire Care?

Give us a call at Mac's Frontierland Inc if you'd like to schedule a service appointment for your Ford's tires! We're also happy to help you if you need service with anything else or if you have another make that needs service in Miles City.

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